Carlson, Owens Rip Into Soros and Criminal-Infested Democratic-Run Cities

Carlson, Owens Rip Into Soros and Criminal-Infested Democratic-Run Cities

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller’s Candace Owens tore into billionaire George Soros and his influence on Democratic-run U.S. cities that are reeling under runaway violent crime.

Carlson on Tuesday night drew comparisons between Chicago and Mogadishu in rampant crime and the lack of police protection for the citizenry.

Referencing Chicago, the Fox News host asked what a society looks like when the police will not protect you and you are not allowed to protect yourself. It looks much, he said, like Chicago.

In this society, control is handed to “young men with guns.” The cruelest and most violent people with the least impulse control and the shortest “time horizons.” This, he said, is the end of civilization.

In these Democrat-run cities, Carlson declared, the influence of billionaire George Soros and his hand-selected progressive prosecutors could not be more clear.

Normal in Chicago, the host pointed out, is a recent case where there was an attempted robbery and city police were stopped from pursuing the alleged perpetrators by a supervisor.

What predictably followed were several other robberies allegedly by the same outfit in the hours after pursuit was ended.

Commentator Candace Owens issued a warning for people who live in Democratic-run cities to get out. She declared “this is not a joke.” People should not wait for it to be their turn before getting serious about getting away from these areas.

As for Chicago, the city is still cleaning up from the mess of Labor Day weekend when 55 people were shot. Eleven died over the long holiday in a spate of violence that shocked even hardened long-time residents.

A surprising statistic noted by Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown on the day following Labor Day was that the number of shootings and victims actually dropped from last year’s holiday. That’s how immune the city has become to rampant out-of-control violence.

Robberies and carjackings in Chicago have skyrocketed, as Carlson and Owens noted the lack of police protection. And Brown added that the ages of the perpetrators should not matter to prosecutors, and more serious consequences are needed for all violent offenders, ages notwithstanding.