Capitol Police Claim To Need More Manpower

The recent attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of the current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is generating more questions than answers.

The individual who attacked Pelosi managed to break into the home, scream for the California Democrat’s whereabouts and then batter her husband with a hammer to the extent of him needing serious medical care.

Many inquiring minds are still wondering how anyone could breach the home of someone who is third in line to the Oval Office.

New updates allege that Capitol Police were not watching the video feed that showed the attacker entering the Pelosis’ home. Now, Capitol Police are making a very specific request of their own.

More Hands on Deck?
The chief of Capitol Police put out an interesting statement that has the nation talking. In this statement, law enforcement says Pelosi was by himself at home during the time of the attack.

After noting the attacker is facing serious charges, Capitol Police requested “additional layers” for the protection details of lawmakers. In making this request, the law enforcement body noted that after Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was assaulted years ago, Capitol Police managed to get more hands on deck.

As this statement comes out, there is still much uncertainty surrounding the whereabouts of current security assigned to Pelosi and her husband. During the time of the attack, the House Speaker herself was in Washington D.C. Yet, why her husband went without security in their home still remains a mystery.

According to previous neighbors, alarm bells would go off if so much as a glass broke. Many Americans therefore believe there is much more to this story than what is being revealed.

Much More Explaining To Do
As the Paul Pelosi attack is being used to drum up anger and resentment against conservatives, the general public deserves a full account of what happened.

Even with more officers on the beat, this will not prevent future attacks if security cameras are not being watched or if these officers are not stationed where they need to be.

The previous incidents referenced by Capitol Police where they got more manpower followed after attacks without this much uncertainty. If information about what happened to Paul Pelosi is being intentionally withheld, those with knowledge should come forward.