‘Can’t Remember These Names’: Biden Falls Apart In The Middle Of A Press Conference

There’s no doubt that President Joe Biden is losing it. He’s constantly stammering in his speeches and keeps getting people’s names wrong. The best way to tell that he’s losing it is to compare what he tries to say versus what he says. It’s always very close but not quite there. It’s a gradual cognitive decline that we all saw coming.  

In Biden’s “supply chain” speech, he misspoke more times than he ever has. Here’s a shortlist of the first could paragraph of Biden’s speech: 

“Parts get delivered to the factory, a factory.” 

“How we move things, how a finished product moves.” 

“I’m joined by the executive directors of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Gene Seroka and Mari, Mario Cordono. I miss, I apologize, Mario. That and the president.” 

My God. That’s incredible.  

Dementia is a terrible disease, and it can be devastating to families. Why would Jill Biden allow this to continue and not pull her husband from the position he’s in the baffling. She has to know that this isn’t good for the country, and national security is dwindling.  

Biden suggested that supply chain issues were due to the ports not being opened 24 hours a day. The real problem is that employment numbers have dropped while the Union runs the show. The ports aren’t opened 24 hours a day because there are never any trucks available to load supplies on the trucks. 

This issue didn’t come out of anywhere and happen overnight. It’s been an issue for months, and it’s just that Americans haven’t noticed. Now, we see an emergency that needs to be solved, and the port employees knew it needed to be fixed and have been talking about it for months. It’s like the old saying goes, “waiting until the last minute on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on my part.”  

These issues are going to pile up while Biden continues to go on vacation like usual. Joe Biden only cares about Joe Biden. He cares nothing for anyone else or the state of the United States.  

After the press conference, Biden walked away. When emergencies come up, leaders solve problems while cowards stand in the corner and do nothing. We see Biden doing nothing when he should have solved these problems months ago when they came up, but he chose to wait until it became a bigger problem. It’s almost like a planned savior complex where Biden’s administration remains for simple problems to get big, and when Biden puts in place a solution, he’s the hero. We all know he’s not the hero.