Canadian Leaders Are Considering ‘Suing’ Justin Trudeau

Canada is more divided than ever, and if it continues, there will be a huge push to overthrow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Administration. That may not be violently but through votes and rebellion across the provinces.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is suing Trudeau because of the COVID-19 mandates, and there’s never been a better time to do it. Trudeau’s Emergencies Act (EA) was unprecedented, and Kenney argues that it didn’t fit the criteria e necessary to invoke it.

Kenney said, “Invoking the Emergencies Act by the federal government is an unnecessary and disproportionate step that can infringe civil freedoms, intrude on provincial jurisdiction, and set a dangerous precedent for the future. And it’s not required.” Kenney posted a video on Twitter explaining how he feels.

The tweet also said, “Alberta has filed a court challenge to the arbitrary application of the Emergencies Act.” We may also file an amicus brief in support of other Court challenges. As Tommy Douglas put it in 1970, “using the War Measures Act is like using a sledgehammer to split a peanut.”

Almost every COVID-19 mandate has been the same overreaction.

Kenney also said that Alberta may be applying as an “intervener,” which would “support the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Constitution Foundation.” That would take steps to defend civil liberties, law and order, and the Constitution of Canada.

It has shown Canadians that some of their leaders will stand up for them as if they had the freedom and protection of the US Constitution. In the face of authoritarianism, they made the right choice to put the politicians in power standing up for them. More politicians in the US should act as Kenney is and go against President Joe Biden’s Administration.

Speaking of, Biden isn’t doing anything to stop Trudeau. Biden could do a lot more to protect Americans who have to cross the border of Canada for work, especially truckers. That’s precisely why the trucker convoys are happening, and apparently, they’re working.

Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan, is also considering jumping on board.

Moe said, “Saskatchewan is carefully evaluating the impact of the unilateral invocation of the Emergencies Act, despite the province’s clear opposition to its application in Saskatchewan during consultation.”

He also added, “At this time, legal recourse is under consideration and has not been ruled out.”

Why not do it? It is a perfect opportunity to go against Trudeau, and if not now, then Moe might as well never do it. Take up for your people and take action now, Moe. Time is of the essence.