Canadian ‘Infiltrates’ The Borders Of Florida For An ‘Infantry Mission’

Let’s be fair. Going on vacation should be luxurious, calm, and relaxing. Nobody should go anywhere where they’re going to feel uncomfortable, or their feelings will get hurt. That wasn’t the case for Josh Freed, who writes for the Montreal Gazette, who traveled to Florida for vacation and then talked trash about the policies that Florida embraces.

There’s a lot of insight you can take from someone who lives under constant tyranny from their government, but then again, what can we say in some parts of the US, right?

Freed wrote, “A friend told me about an available condo in Florida, my wife and I made a last-second decision to escape and work remotely briefly. But the second we landed, it felt like we’d arrived on another planet.”

Freed can “escape” all he wants, but don’t mess with Texas. I mean Florida, where all the cowboys are.

Good. It’s supposed to be like that. That’s what America was founded on and what Canada failed at. We told the Queen that she could take a hike and founded this amazing freedom-loving country, the world’s most immense superpower.

Freed continued his rant about freedom, “While Quebec is in lockdown mode, Florida is Cowboyland, where you scarcely realize COVID is happening, despite significantly higher new cases and hospitalization rates than ours.”

First of all, Florida is in no way “cowboyland,” and anyone who thinks so is very wrong and knows nothing about the US. The Queen has tainted poor Freed’s brain with the idea that we’re on horseback with ropes and level action rifles.

Freed went on to talk smack about gyms, bars, movie theaters, and sports arenas being “jam-packed,” but we call that living life in this distant foreign land.

Freed even thought it odd to shake hands with waiters at restaurants, but that’s just southern hospitality. He said, “Thanks, I’ll have some germs for dessert.”

It sounds like Freed lives a miserable existence. No wonder Canadians are so bitter.

Freed pointed out that “it’s easy to spot Canadians at restaurants” because they were the ones “properly masked and nervously sitting on the terrace, even in the rain.”

Seriously? In the rain? That doesn’t sound very good, and he should apologize to his wife for making her do that, and she should expect one.

Freed needs to make sure to romanticize his wife, dress up in Tyvek suits, and take her out to a nice date in solitary confinement while they both get their next booster shot and mask up in between bites. And make sure that her plastic rose is sanitized with Lysol spray before she accepts it.

Quebec has a higher death rate from COVID-19, making Freed a far greater risk to Florida than Florida is to him.

Freed quoted a Floridian with the best advice he could get. “Our idea here is: I take care of myself, and you take care of yourself. You should wear a mask indoors if you want to. You shouldn’t go to a restaurant if you don’t want to.”

Live by it, learn by it, and teach others. The entire article sounds like satire.