Canadian Energy Minister Tells Biden Oil Is “Right Next Door”

An energy official with the Canadian government has called on Joe Biden to look to his neighbor to the north for additional energy production rather than begging for oil from countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage said, “What? We’re right next door!” in a recent interview in response to the Biden administration’s decision to seek additional oil from potentially hostile nations.

Savage said it was frustrating for Canada to see the U.S. asking the Saudis and OPEC for extra production and even consider making some deal with Iran to buy oil. She stated that Canada could readily make up supply shortages for American needs following the ban on importing oil from Russia.

Savage posted similar sentiments on her Twitter account earlier this month. She openly criticized Biden’s decision to “replace Russian barrels with Venezuelan,” saying that it is a reminder of the “folly” of American energy policy. She added that Canada has the third-largest oil reserve in the world and could easily supply U.S. demand.

Republicans and some Democrats from energy-producing states have sharply criticized the White House’s approach of asking adversarial countries for additional import capacity while stifling domestic production.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that the result of the Biden energy policy has been the strengthening of American enemies like Russia and Iran, who are becoming richer and more aggressively hostile. Cruz said that Biden is simultaneously weakening America while giving power to our adversaries.

Reporting from AAA this week shows the nationwide average price for a gallon of gas is $4.32 per gallon. California’s average hit $5.80 a gallon for regular gas. During this month, U.S. gas prices shot up 79 cents to a record high a week ago of $4.43 per gallon. That marked an increase of $1.54 over last year’s price.

Surging energy prices are also contributing to increased transportation costs for an already compromised supply chain and the inflation in virtually all consumer goods afflicting working Americans.