Can The United States Win The War With Mexican Cartels?

Mara Salvatrucha, often known as MS-13, has been dominated by terror and excessive cruelty since the 1990s. Too many people in the United States are blissfully oblivious of the dangers that lie on their streets and in their communities. The border problem costs us more than money. It costs people’s lives.

MS-13 is a Salvatrucha street gang made up mostly of immigrants who came to the United States and established a new society. They rule with dread and demand eternal allegiance, hacking victims with their homeland’s trademark machetes. Whether striking a rival gang member or a random victim, members must show commitment to the group by ensuring respect.

The Department of Justice’s approach has been Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN). There were 6,160 incidents of illegal entrance or re-entry in 2021 alone, demonstrating how busy the borders have become. There is no doubt that numbers have risen dramatically in only one year, owing to slack policy and an uninterested Administration. It’s alarming to consider how many people slip through the cracks when the Border Patrol is busy with arrests.

Moreover, according to Trump, MS-13 and other immigrant-based gangs represent a severe threat to the peaceful society. He promised to take a stance and delivered, passing broad border security legislation. A wave of crimes against police was unleashed in the year twenty-nineteen. The danger was so severe that the New York Police Department issued cautions to officers suffering random shooting threats.

“It’s time to reclaim the streets and, as they do in El Salvador, take out and kill an officer,” the command purportedly stated. “Whenever a law enforcement person is threatened, especially by an ultra-violent group like MS-13, this needs to be taken seriously,” says former FBI Agent Manny Gomez.

Furthermore, In-Vest USA provides bulletproof vests for police personnel to wear while on duty. It was created by Michael Letts, CEO of In-Vest USA, guarantees officers have the protective gear they require. “Today’s social atmosphere has given law enforcement open season,” he argues.

MS-13 is still a big danger to law enforcement, according to Letts. “One of the main reasons they work so hard is to provide our cops with the best bulletproof vests possible.” Heroes like these, he claims, shine brightest in the gloom of Biden’s disinterest. According to Biden, they still have a long way to go in eradicating the atrocities of street gangs like MS-13.