California Voters Push Back Against Upper-Class Tax Hike To Fund ‘Green’ Agenda

California voters rejected a ballot initiative on Tuesday that would’ve raised taxes on those earning over $2 million annually.

Proposition 30 called for a 1.75% tax increase on the wealthy as a means to fund electric vehicle initiatives and wildfire prevention.

According to unofficial results from the California Secretary of State’s office, nearly 60% of voters rejected the legislation.

“Clean Air California,” the organization that spearheaded the “Yes on 30” campaign, conceded on Wednesday morning.

“Although we came up short, the strong support for this measure from firefighters, public health groups, environmentalists, labor and many of the state’s leaders shows the urgency for action,” reads the campaign’s statement.

“Clean Air California” then used the now-commonplace leftwing tactic of accusing your opponent of “disinformation.”

“Polls showed that a majority of voters supported Prop 30 until thirty of the richest people in the world spent tens of millions of dollars on lies and disinformation.”

Interestingly enough, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) defied his own party when he told his constituents to vote against the bill. He claimed that Prop 30 was nothing more than a “tax grab” for Lyft, the ridesharing company that invested millions into passing the bill. Lyft and other industry leaders are under a state directive to have 90% of their drivers using electric vehicles by 2030.

The rejection of Prop 30 shows that Californians aren’t as enthusiastic about going green as Democrats and groups like “Clean Air California” desire. Instead of admitting that truth, they immediately delegitimize the result, insinuating that the bill would’ve passed had it not been “lies” and dark money.