California Democrats Refuse To Debate

With midterm elections just weeks away, California voters will see plenty of democratic television ads, hear multiple democrats during public speaking engagements, and experience zero debates between democratic candidates and their republican counterparts.

Lanhee Chen, GOP controller candidate, has been calling out incumbent Malia Cohen constantly over the past few weeks and months almost begging for a public debate. Chen, at one point, even began doing the chicken dance to hit home his point.

State Senator Brian Dahle is running a campaign to try and unseat Newsome as governor of the state. While his attempt is probably doomed to failure, especially as a republican in California, Newsome will not even meet him for one debate.

Likewise, GOP Attorney General candidate Nathan Hochman cannot convince democratic incumbent Rob Bonta to debate him after calling for a minimum of three leading up to the election.

These three races have one thing in common with every big statewide race in California, the democratic nominee refuses to publicly debate the republican.

Newsome claims in this tweet that republicans are attacking the fundamental rights of Americans, claiming California is the antidote as they lead with compassion and by defending democracy.

Those things, however, do not jive with the fact that not one single candidate will debate the most important topics of the day with the people they are running against.

Conventional wisdom in politics says that if you are already ahead do not do anything that might lessen or take away that lead. These democratic candidates seem to be scared of just that.

In reality, with a state like California, even the worst performance imaginable by any of the candidates would probably lead to a democrat winning. That is how politics has been in the state for many years.

Even if they were to lose a debate, at least they would have faced their competition head-on, but the way things are going right now, that is very unlikely to happen. The fact that democrats will not even debate shows the direction politics continues to go in especially with Cohen’s campaign stating, “Cohen does not take orders from the Republican operatives who put Trump in power and have now placed their bets on Lanhee Chen.”