“Build Back Better”: AOC Misses The Point And Explains Why Manchin Voted No

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is now going after Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) because he won’t vote yes on Build Back Better. It’s baseless at best, and she knows it. Instead of reasoning with him or allowing him to vote however he wants to, AOC has to appease her radical base and use this opportunity to try and gain more popularity.

Manchin’s biggest gripe with the “Build Back Better Act” is that he can’t explain it to West Virginians. That’s a highly reasonable stance to take, and nobody should be able to argue with it.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, AOC said, “It’s a joke that Joe Manchin claims he can’t explain this to his constituents back home. I mean, it’s a face in terms of direct democracy because I represent as many or more people as Joe Manchin does, if not more.”

What does the number of constituents have to do with explaining the bill? If Manchin can’t explain it to one person, that serves the same purpose as 330 million people.

A Remington Research Group recently did a poll and found that Manchin’s assessment of his constituents was 100% correct.

A question was asked, “Do you believe the multi-trillion-dollar spending package being considered by Congress, also known as the Build Back Better Act, will:”

The answers were as follows:

“Make inflation worse: 64% Decrease inflation: 14% No Effect: 8% Not sure: 15%”

Also, 66% of respondents strongly agree, 9% somewhat agree that Congress should slow down on the Build Back Better Act and that now isn’t the time to push it forward.

Also, another interesting fact is that AOC represents over 650,000 people in the Bronx and Queens, while Manchin is one of two Senators who represent 1.792 million people in West Virginia.

AOC continued, “However if you can’t explain to your voters why the child tax credit that they are currently receiving to help feed their children at a time of record-high costs should not be extended, that doesn’t appear to be an issue with his constituency. That appears to be an issue with his ability to communicate, or I believe there is another motive for his vote.”

AOC made the point right there. “In a time of record-high prices.” Did she miss that? Prices will go up, and the government can’t lower prices by giving money to Americans. That’s not how it works. Fees will still be high, and taxes have to pay the government to pay the people. Where does she think that’s going to come from?