‘Buckle Up For An Easy Win’: Kamala Harris Will Be Biden’s Vice President If He Runs Again

President Joe Biden has selected Vice President Kamala Harris for his running mate, and there are a couple of takeaways that you can leave with. Either Biden picked Harris because he can’t be the guy that decided not to let the first Black American female VP run with him, or nobody else will do it.

It is political suicide for Harris as well as for Biden. Selecting Harris brings Biden’s overall approval rating down. If Biden selected someone likable, it would have brought it up. Now, Biden can’t go back. The only option is for Harris to reject the offer, which she won’t do. Harris is sitting back and hoping Biden will become too mentally incapable of being in power anymore so she can take his spot. If that happens, Harris will bring her failure into the presidency, and God only knows who she would select as her VP.

Kristen Welker with NBC asked Biden, “You gave Kamala Harris authority over voting rights. Are you pleased with her efforts on this matter? And can you promise, do you commit, that she will be your running mate in 2024 if you run again?”

Biden responded, “Yes and yes.”

When asked to expand, Biden said Harris would be his running mate, and she’s done a “good job” on voting rights.

But, to expand Biden’s response, he said, “I did put her in charge.” Does he mean the presidency or voting rights? Biden has said on numerous occasions, “President Harris,” so it would seem that you can take that as a double answer.

Even if Biden doesn’t seek another term, this places Harris, one of the least favorable VPs of all time, in a spot to run for President. Harris leads much differently than Biden. Harris doesn’t do her job, specifically at the southern border. Kamala Harris was put in charge of the southern border early in Biden’s presidency, and nothing has been fixed. Nobody wants it if that’s a good preview of Harris’ presidency.

When asked about her VP spot in the 2024 election, Harris said she knew why NBC was asking “because this is part of the punditry and the gossip around places like Washington, DC.”

But the question is well deserved. Americans need to understand that if there’s another Biden-Harris ticket, we’re going to get screwed for another four years if they’re elected. It’s already been a terrible administration, and we don’t need any more disasters soon.

Harris added that her focus is getting work done and the right job in front of them. She said, “The American people sent us here to do a job, and right now, there’s a lot of work to be done.”

If only they would get work done or stay out of everyone’s lives. The federal government could do nothing, and the states would run themselves effectively. There’s no need for an overreach that the Supreme Court has to get involved with and stop them.