“BRANDON” Takes On A Whole New Meaning For The Left

There’s an ad floating around that is pro-Biden and pro-Let’s Go Brandon all in the same video. If that sounds crazy, then you’re correct.

Meidas Touch media company decided that it was good to incorporate “Let’s Go Brandon” into a pro-Biden ad with hilarious results. To go down the list, here’s what each letter stands for:

What is going on? Is this the real world? Can we find the Mandela Effect universe without all of this ridiculous messaging?

It reminds you of former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s cringy “operation culture” video. And yes, Biden is just as bad a leader as de Blasio was. The world will be better when both are out of political office: one down, one to go.

Even better, Meidas Touch just had their first-ever podcast episode with Press Secretary Jen Psaki. More cringe is on the way.

Meidas Touch describes themselves as “producing the best pro-democracy political videos and content” on Twitter. That’s an inaccurate representation of them because they just released the worst content you could imagine.

The Twitter profile also says, “Because TRUTH is golden.” Correct, so why doesn’t Meidas Touch make videos about truth rather than put out garbage content?

The entire acronym would be great if they didn’t come with massive Democrat price tags and plenty of hidden agendas in the thousands of pages in the bills that have been introduced. But, this is another terrible plot to try to convince Americans that Biden is competent. It’s the exchange system that Democrats have been pushing for. “Here’s your free things. Give us your vote.” That’s not a great way to lead.

Leading by exchange of vote for a commodity is the definition of anti-democracy. The United States wasn’t built on that type of system. It’s built on a “representative democracy,” which means you vote for a representative and sometimes go to bat for the people. Other times they do what they want and get ridiculously rich on the stock market.