Brandon Did Late Night To Rehab His Approval Polls For 2024

Brandon must have been shaken by the protest in New York City that gathered hundreds of anti-vaccine mandate protesters earlier this month.

They were chanting, “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

If Brandon’s isn’t even safe from that history-making refrain of encouragement to seriously go, in the deep blue enclave of the Big Apple, where there are almost no NASCAR fans, then maybe the Republican pollsters showing Donald Trump molly whopping Brandon if the 2024 election were held today aren’t just exciting the Donald.

That’s terrible news for the president because he’s planning on running again for a second term in 2024, as the White House confirmed in a statement late last month. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “He is. That’s his intention.”

It has some Democrats in a panic that Brandon’s low approval numbers, his wildly unpopular policies as president in his first year, and his possibly deteriorating physical and mental rigor will undo their drastic bid last year to put Democrats back in the White House.

Brandon was supposed to be like Cardinal Ratzinger, that guy the RCC made Pope for just eight years until his resignation in 2013, a relatively very short papacy.

Just get in there and soak up all the negative publicity, then out after just enough time to balance the public relations accounts.

Brandon was supposed to be like unloading toxic derivative securities to the Treasury’s books or something so a gay, half-black, half-Chinese, female, Holocaust survivor, abortionist with a learning disability can rise and take Zir’s place at the helm of the republic. All the stars will align, and there will never be any death or suffering or even hurt feelings again.

Instead, the dude is pooping his pants and thinks this was all about him, and not making sure once and for all that there is a summer blockbuster remake of Miracle on 34th street with an all Filipino cast (and a rescue cast, not professional actors, all Filipinos who previously worked at an iPhone factory or a Trump hotel).

So to save his already failing re-election campaign, the president went to Late Night to gripe to Jimmy Fallon that politics lacks civility: “QAnon and the extreme elements of the Republican party makes it awfully hard.”

Having a “(D)” printed next to your name in the news means never having to answer for or police the extremists in your wing. Donald Trump got denounced for making the moderate and reasonable claim that extremists are on “both sides” after the Unite the Right rally in 2017. In the minds of most Democrats, Brandon doesn’t even have to acknowledge the looters, building burners, and other extremists who went on a rampage last year.

This incredible establishmentarian double standard always seems to cut against Republican politicians and Democrats. Poll respondents everywhere are seeing through the illusion.