Brace Yourself For A ‘False Flag Event’ In Ukraine

Recently it doesn’t seem like there’s a vast difference between Vladimir Putin and President Joe Biden. They’ll get what they want no matter the cost. In Biden’s case, it was the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and in Putin’s case, it’s invading Ukraine. Luckily, Biden was mostly stopped from implementing an unconstitutional mandate in this case.

There’s evidence that Putin will create a false flag operation to justify invading Ukraine, and the entire world needs to be prepared. An armed conflict wouldn’t be ideal at this moment after the Afghanistan war had just ended.

John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary, said that Russia has “prepositioned a group of operatives” to make it look like Russia’s an attack. For Russia to have the excuse, further conflict between the nations.

Jake Sullivan also said, “Our intelligence community-generated information, which has since been downgraded, that Russia is preparing the basis for the possibility of forging a pretext for an invasion.” This playbook was first seen in 2014. They’re rehearsing this playbook.

There’s also a pattern that Russia seems to use against other countries: Cyberattacks. Biden said there would be consequences if Russia used cyberattacks against the US, but Russia has just shifted its attacks on Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Government had several of their websites taken down and a warning posted on them saying, “Be afraid and expect worse.”

Biden’s weakness on many fronts has allowed movement across the globe for conflicts to resume. There wasn’t a weakness in the withdrawal from Afghanistan but waiving sanctions on Nord Stream II is a wrong move. Russia now has access and can limit energy supplies to many European countries if it chooses.

Putin will do whatever he wants regardless of sanctions or threats from the US and NATO. Relationships could honestly be better if Biden weren’t in the White House because Biden has to make sure Ukrainian relations are good. He did bribe Ukraine, remember? Burisma’s board of directors included Hunter Biden, and Joe threatened to withdraw funds if a prosecutor was not sacked.

In a video recording, Biden said, “I told them, ‘You’re not getting the billion. I’m leaving now, and I believe it was approximately six hours. I’m leaving in six hours,’ I remarked as I looked at them. You will not receive the money if the prosecutor is not fired.”

There’s no doubt that Biden will go out of his way to make sure Ukraine is happy to ensure there’s no information released or pushback with Ukraine leaking information. That wouldn’t be good for the Biden family, would it? We’re along for the ride.