Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Ends The Year By Pushing ‘Vaccine Passport Mandates’ And ‘Vaccine Requirements For Children’

Boston, Massachusetts Mayor Michelle Wu is currently putting COVID-19 vaccines mandates in place not only for city workers, but she’s beginning a vaccine passport program that will force businesses to check the vaccination status of every patron that enters the business.

The vaccine passport program will require proof of at least one of the COVID-19 vaccine doses by January 15th, 2022, and two by February 15th, 2022. It includes restaurants, bars and nightclubs, gyms and fitness centers, and entertainment venues like theaters and sports arenas. Without an exemption, all city workers will have to get the COVID-19 vaccine in the same time frame.

Wu said, “I wish we were taking these actions faster. I know we are amid a surge right now, but we are moving as quickly as we can.”

Wu wants the process rushed because President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for employers with 100 or more employees can be reinstated after a federal appeals court approves the measure. It gives Wu a short time frame to ensure she gets every employee vaccinated before the lawsuit climbs higher in the courts before a definitive decision is made.

It is an authoritarian piece if someone wants to rush to action against someone who doesn’t want a vaccine that could potentially ruin their lives.

Wu’s actions aren’t without pushback, and for a good reason. The mandate is called the “B Together Initiative,” but it’s a segregation attempt for those who choose not to get the emergency use authorized COVID-19 vaccines. Many legal challenges will be made in court for any COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Protesters of the mandates were chanting “Shame of Wu” and “Hypocrites” at an anti-mandate protest.

It’s genius, but likely not enough to stop tyrannical leaders from pushing garbage policies forward. It doesn’t make sense because there are still reports that more vaccinated people are getting infected and dying from COVID-19.

One report says, “Massachusetts health officials on Tuesday reported nearly 14,000 breakthrough cases over the past week and 85 more deaths.”

It may be a small number, but it’s essential to realize that it’s not impossible and may have the exact percentages as COVID-19 among the unvaccinated. The number is low regardless of how you look at it.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate in Boston has been expanded to children five and older. According to the CDC, 668 people from 0-17 have died from COVID-19, making it a minimal margin. Out of the millions of children who will be forced to get the COVID-19 if these measures continue, if more than 668 children die from the vaccine adverse reactions, the point was lost, and our politicians and health experts have caused more harm than good. Children have a .089% chance of passing away from COVID-19 based on 747,297 positive tests.