Bob Costas Stands Up To China And American Consumers Who Enable Slave Labor

Bob Costas tells it exactly how it should be regarding the NBA and the United States’ relationship with China. Thank God someone said it.

We have an international draft, and it’s voluntary. Players can get drafted by any country in the world. Prediction says that Lebron James sits that one out. Am I right? Thought so. He’s a coward.

Do you think LeBron James would move there already to take so much money from China? He’s got the talent and the market. He could be a king in the sports world. Then again, he may be thrown into a concentration camp. Who knows.

Costas continued, “A couple of years ago, when Daryl Morey, then-GM of the Houston Rockets, tweeted ‘Stand with Hong Kong,’ Rockets games were abruptly taken off the air in China for an extended period.”

They’re so sensitive over there.

They want to silence their citizens and put an end to uprisings. If the citizens believe they can defeat their government, they might try. However, in the United States, we know that we can overthrow our government, and it keeps them in check along with the Constitution. Thank God for the second amendment.

Costas also said, “The Rockets are one of the most popular teams in the NBA because Yao Ming was the first big Chinese star. Enes Kanter, a Turkish-born athlete, recently spoke out against China. Likewise, Celtics games are no longer available.”

It was about time someone checked LeBron James and his Nike image. Kanter tweeted:

In response to LeBron James saying that Kanter uses LeBron’s name for his benefit. Kanter said, “Nike remains vocal about injustice here in America, but when it comes to China, Nike remains silent.”

More athletes benefit from Nike as well.

Costas said, “Many of the products that benefit Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James are manufactured in China. In many cases, those outspoken individuals and I believe many Americans would agree with their views on domestic issues. Still, no matter what the issues are here, and they are serious issues, they pale alongside what’s going on there, they remain conspicuously silent.”

American culture has made it acceptable to fight for “social justice,” but it’s impressive how oppressed some cultures are. You can’t even be a woman or transgender in countries worldwide, but police here is too much, correct? It’s ridiculous.