Bloomberg’s Out of Touch Inflation Help

Despite Biden’s best efforts to blame inflation on Putin and the war in Ukraine, people are not buying it. 70% of Americans blame Biden for rising gas prices, as one example. It is no secret that the mainstream media is completely fine tying itself in knots to cover for the president. Bloomberg news is no exception and recently released an article making themselves look extremely foolish.

Teresa Ghilarducci penned a story called “Inflation Stings Most If You Earn Less Than $300K. Here’s How to Deal.” Most people, when they see this, think it is an article by the Onion or the Babylon Bee. But, in fact, Ms. Ghilarducci meant this to be an actual self-help article.

A quick internet search reveals that 98.9 percent of the country makes less than $300,000 in income, but the title, “some tips if you are not in the top one percent of earners” seemed a bit too snarky.

Ironically, the article is behind a paywall. But if you have not exhausted your free Bloomberg articles, you are treated to ideas like eating lentils instead of beef and taking public transportation. One particularly harsh idea was to abandon lifesaving medical treatment for your newly acquired pet used to get you through the pandemic. Now that the crisis is over you can go ahead and let your furry friend die — this idea got the angriest reaction on Twitter.

To her credit, Ms. Ghilarducci did not go into hiding and tried to offer a defense of her article on Twitter.

She may be right that inflation cannot be solved with rate hikes, but almost no one was trolling her article on this basis. Most people were enraged by how out of touch the tone of the article was. There is a line of elites telling people they just must take it. Be it Ms. Ghilarducci saying give up meat because it is too expensive, or Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg saying you would not be complaining about gas if you had an electric car. The top 1% is drifting dangerously into ‘let them eat cake’ territory. It is normal Americans who will endure most of the current administration’s inflationary policies, regardless of how the mainstream media tries to spin it.