Blinken To ‘Testify’ Before Senate Panel Next Week About ‘Afghanistan Withdrawal’

Americans may be on the brink of accountability, or should I say the “Blinken” of guilt.
Antony Blinken is set to testify to a Senate panel about the withdrawal from Afghanistan this coming week, and everyone should be on the edge of their seat. The Secretary of State has some answering to do after 13 military members lost their lives, over 50 more were injured, and hundreds of Afghans lost their lives after the Biden administration’s decisions led to disaster in the middle east.

Biden and Blinken attest that it was a correct strategy, but Americans, veterans, and active military members have refuted that claim. Biden was handed several contingency plans but refused to take them.

A complete picture is being painted as the Afghanistan withdrawal gets some distance. The Chinese government will partner with the Taliban to give them economic status in the world, and this came just after the G7 Summit earlier in the year when Biden and Xi Jinping sat down and had several discussions. Hunter Biden had art deals with anonymous buyers. Hunter met them, but the Americans aren’t going to find out who they were. Seems fair, right?

Blinken will go before the Foreign Relations Committee to explain why all Americans were not evacuated before military forces left Afghanistan. Biden took every opportunity to change the withdrawal date when the Taliban told him to instead of having a backbone and tell them no.

Senator Robert Menendez said, “The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will continue fulfilling its oversight role with a hearing on U.S. policy towards Afghanistan, including the Trump administration’s flawed negotiations with Taliban, and the Biden administration’s flawed execution of the U.S. withdrawal.” Still, indeed, Biden didn’t implement Trump’s plan. Trump’s negotiations had repercussions if all demands weren’t met. The Taliban knew that Trump would retaliate if they disobeyed daddy Trump but knew that Biden was weak, so they took every opportunity to get ahead.

The U.S. military officials who made final decisions are primarily to blame for the disaster. They have bowed down to Biden since he entered his presidency. Some veterans have spoken out against their military leadership, but they’re quickly fired or hushed. As Americans, we must hold our leaders accountable for their actions. We can’t sit back silently and allow bad decisions and failed policies to rule our country. When things go wrong, we have to say something about it, especially when it could have been avoided.

Biden gave up Kabul, Afghanistan, to the Taliban when the U.S. military could have kept control. Biden gave up Bagram Air Force Base when we could have kept it contained. Thousands of prisoners, including ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Taliban members, were released by the Taliban from the prison, and things seemed to escalate from there. Chaos ensued, and Americans were stuck in Afghanistan and in the mess the Biden administration allowed to escalate.

On top of that, Biden’s administration gave names of U.S. citizens and allies trying to leave Afghanistan. The Taliban got in control of biometric devices that tell them who our partners and citizens are. Good job, Biden. You failed.