Blinken Confronting Audit By Correctional Tribunal Of Paris

It’s not only Republicans that are against President Joe Biden’s administration. Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted: 

For this, Blinken is being reviewed by the Correctional Tribunal of Paris because he condemned the former Albanian president and called him “corrupt.” Berisha is a longtime friend of the US. According to a report from the American Center for Law and Justice, “For those unfamiliar with Balkan politics, Mr. Berisha is a guy with a dramatic background, a fervent opponent of communism, the creator of Albania’s Democratic Party, and an ally of the United States.”

So, you may be asking yourself, ‘What is going on?’ Everyone is. The incompetence of the Biden administration is daunting. Every bit of Democracy in the world is being drowned out by socialism and communism, and apparently, Antony Blinken is assisting in destroying it.  

Berisha had kept a low profile until May, when Blinken tweeted their ban from the US. The ACLJ report said, “Blinken shocked the region in May by announcing seemingly baseless travel sanctions against Mr. Berisha and his immediate family, barring them from entry into the United States. Secretary Blinken took to Twitter to accuse Mr. Berisha of ‘corrupt acts’ and ‘undermining democracy in Albania.’” 

Seems like a conspiracy.  

According to WND, Berisha said that Blinken and the US State Department were doing the work of George Soros and the leftist Open Society.  

The ACLJ report said, “Berisha’s claims regarding Secretary Blinken and Soros should not be dismissed so quickly. The US Secretary of State’s parents Vera and Donald Blinken, have repeatedly donated to Open Society,” and created a permanent donation in a European-based data archive in the name “the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives.” 

In a report from Drug-Free, “Soros has even admitted that his methods of producing “profits” may be unethical, but that he’s duty bound to his financial partners and investors (including, primarily, himself) to take the actions he does.”  

The report also outlines that Soros does, in fact, fund political activism in countries.  

Soros wasn’t happy about information from Russia on Soros that began under former President Barack Obama’s administration. It’s unclear if that went through, but it’s engaging how involved political activism with Black Lives Matter and funding local judge elections in the US.

The Taliban government isn’t banned from visiting the US, and they’re even being considered to join the United Nations.

These bans are usually left for the most egregious politicians and others worldwide, not friends of Democracy and the US.