Bill Gates ‘Lauds’ Australian Example Of Pandemic Response

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, bless his heart, believes every country should follow Australia’s example to avoid the “next” pandemic. Did he see something the rest of us did not?

First of all, Australia is an island with minimal points of entry. Also, its population is mainly crowded into a few coastal regions, and otherwise, did we mention it’s an island? It is sparsely populated.

Australia closed its borders for two years and arrested people for violating their draconian mandates. Did not President Trump try to block people from COVID-19 country of origin from entering the US in the pandemic’s early days only to be called a racist, xenophobe, and every vile insult short of being labeled a Democrat?

Is Mr. Gates suggesting that our states lock down their borders as some in Australia periodically did? Can you imagine being stopped at the border of a neighboring state by the police or National Guard and having to produce your papers for entry?

Australia required special permission for citizens to leave the country and enforced a quarantine to the lucky few allowed inside with armed guards. Does this sound like a good plan to anyone but Bill Gates? Even Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared it unworkable, saying, “This is not a sustainable way to live in this country.”

A free society suddenly transformed into its best impression of North Korea. Sorry, but any nation that forbids its populace from leaving is not a free society. That’s Iron Curtain regimes, not western democracies.

There’s no doubt that the old Soviet bloc rulers would have loved the app developed by the state of South Australia too, as Mr. Gates says, to avoid the pandemic. Armed with GPS and facial-recognition software, the app was mandatory for people returning to the state to download for proof they were staying home as required.

The app contacted people randomly and required proof of location within 15 minutes. When contacted, the person can not verify their location or identity. The police are sent to their residence.

Does the name Orwell ring a bell for Bill Gates?

Defenders of the draconian app, bless their hearts, said there was not a reason to worry since the government would not use it to watch you anyway. Not to mention that 20 cameras record any mall walker as they get their daily exercise.

And besides, as they said, it was “voluntary.” You were only subjected to it if you decided to return to South Australia.