Bill Gates Calls for 100% Synthetic Beef

The Hill posted a tweet on Sunday linking a story detailing Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates’s call for “all rich countries” to go to “100% synthetic beef.” Of course, Gates was touting the proposal as the latest far-left scheme to combat climate change.

Gates said that the idea would be key to the reduction of methane emissions. He said that people would “get used to the taste difference” and boldly claimed that scientists would be able to improve the taste of laboratory-developed imitation beef “over time.”

He said that a “road map” has already been provided by manufacturers Impossible and Beyond that makes synthetic meat “totally competitive.” Those two companies currently produce plant-based imitation meat foods.

Gates said that he hopes to see processes implemented that will eliminate livestock and their methane through the use of plant-based proteins.

He acknowledged that such a plan is likely to be unpopular among consumers. Gates said that if the “green premium” is not enough to change consumer behavior, the government could use regulation to “totally shift the demand.” In other words, people can be forced to accept changes they would never accept otherwise.

As of last year, Gates owned 242,000 acres of American farmland spread across 19 states. It is safe to assume that he is not investing in land he believes will be used for producing the natural meat products that humans have evolved to consume over hundreds of thousands of years.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) responded to the Gates statements quickly on Twitter, describing him as an “elitist who thinks governments should control people ‘beneath’ him like livestock.” Massie added that Gates is a “menace” to free people who are not reliant on the government.

He added that compelling people to only consume synthetic food means only corporations can produce food. Massie said that it is fine for people to be free to decide not to produce their own food, but they are enslaved if that freedom is eliminated.

Massie concluded by observing that Bill Gates is not someone to be trusted with America’s food supply, “or anything else for that matter.”