Big Tech Company Forbid “Let’s Go Brandon” Chant As Hashtag On Its Platform

If everyone is honest, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is genius and organically created. There’s a ring to it, and it flows. More than that, it’s a message to President Joe Biden’s administration that Americans are upset and aren’t going to stand for their divisive and incompetent decisions.  

On social media, hashtags are used to tag posts so that more users can see them and get a message across. After “#LetsGoBrandon” went viral on multiple occasions and multiple different platforms, the tech world doesn’t have it anymore.  

Peloton, of all companies, has been accused of banning the hashtag for its users. That’s because Biden uses Peloton and isn’t afraid to tell you. Biden is even said to have a favorite Peloton instructor. It’s all pretty ridiculous.  

Users created the hashtag on the Peloton platform to connect with other users who share similar interests. Users have been getting error messages when trying to use the hashtag. The letter “This tag does not meet our guidelines” appears when users try to add it to their profile.

Users want a break from the Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police hashtags, and one user said that the Let’s Go Brandon hashtag brought their community into the exercise realm.  

Another Twitter user said, “I paid handsomely for your equipment and monthly fees. A central selling point of Peloton is to connect with like-minded people. Conservatives use your service and have every right to connect.”  

If the roles were reversed, there’s a good possibility that former President Donald Trump would have been protected on the platform. However, Twitter and other social media platforms banned Trump while he was still a sitting president. If it’s just for profits, Peloton will soon find out how much freedom of speech means to the users, and it will likely lose them profits moving forward.  

The market summary of Peloton (PTON) shows that from November 5th, 2020 to November 12th, 2021 that their stock share price has dropped from $86.06 to $49.22 per share. That’s a drop of $36.84. Peloton can’t afford to drop anymore, and after this stunt, it may send them plummeting even further.  

What comes next is unknown, but other tech companies may follow if Peloton has the guts to ban a hashtag against the president. Peloton might not be under the same guidelines because Peloton isn’t technically a social media platform, but they can still lose future sales for this move.