Biden’s Weakness Is Clearer than Ever

There is a direct link between Joe Biden being in the White House and Russian President Vladimir Putin unleashing attacks against Ukraine.

Back in 2014, when Biden was Obama’s vice president, Putin moved in on Ukraine. This past February, the Russian president again attacked Ukraine, although to a much greater extent.

Judging from Putin’s pattern of behavior with Biden in office (and his refusal to move against Ukraine during Donald Trump’s presidency), Putin appears to sense weakness within Biden.

Unfortunately, since getting into office, Biden’s shown an unbelievable amount of submissiveness to Putin, despite all his sanctions and tough talk about Putin being a war criminal.

Unfortunately, Biden’s subservience to the Russian dictator comes at a terrible time, as documented by PJ Media.

A Necessary Return to the Trump Approach

Biden’s horrible track record of appropriately interacting with Putin highlights the effectiveness of how former President Trump dealt with Putin.

Trump projected strength, first and foremost. He let Putin and the rest of the world know that he was putting America above all.

During the four years that Trump held the White House, he also made sure that Putin and other U.S. enemies knew there would be consequences if they stepped out of line.

With Biden taking exactly the opposite approach, America and our allies abroad are worse off for it.