Biden’s “Unscripted” Phone Call To Al Roker Tells A Larger Story

An “unscripted” phone call during the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City was the most pathetic Thanksgiving message that President Joe Biden could give. Biden didn’t have to say anything for Americans to know that the country was in trouble, but instead, he doubled down on his “America is back” false narrative.

Biden’s message was simple, “My message is: After two years, you’re back. America is back. There’s nothing we’re unable to overcome, Al. And you’re one of the reasons for that, pal. You’re always up. You’re always rooting.”

If it were honest, that would be one thing, but it’s not. If Biden believed America was back, there would be no need for constant Covid-19 mandates, and inflation wouldn’t be an issue. If America were back, gas prices would be the same as before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the United States wouldn’t rely on OPEC to supply oil.

The southern border wouldn’t be overrun if America were back with illegal aliens crossing in record numbers. The fact is, America isn’t back. Biden hasn’t made the U.S. a better place at all. He’s caused the country to go back almost 13 years to January 20, 2009, when former President Barack Obama began his presidency.

It’s the same trick with the same Biden that was vice president so long ago. Obama said, “Our tax policy has been skewed toward the top 1 percent and away from the middle class and working-class in this country. Reversing that would make a significant difference. That’s no trivial matter on April 14, 2016.” Sound familiar?

There’s something to be said for original thought and ideas. That’s not Biden.

The phone call was as fake as Biden’s presidency. Biden’s cognitive decline is still a huge issue, and Vice President Kamala Harris is still worse at her job than Biden is, somehow, and we’re all stuck in this bubble of wanting things to change but knowing if they would get worse if Biden were to be forced out of office. It’s a game of limbo until the 2022 midterm election. Americans are being held hostage to failed policies and foreign pressure from China and Russia as they continue their efforts to provoke war in Ukraine and Taiwan.

Biden has his hands full of more than just turkey this year, but he seems to ignore it. When he should be addressing the country on significant issues in the U.S. and abroad, he’s spending the weekend in Wilmington, Delaware, or he’s refusing to take press questions.

The Thanksgiving Day Parade is the least of our worries, and the fact that he called Al Roker’s phone, but the audio came through your television speakers means that there wasn’t anything about it that was a surprise.