Biden’s Tough Talk Ignites Fear of a Draft

In the beginning stages of the war in Ukraine, President Biden was vocal about his reluctance to engage Russia in a direct military confrontation. When large parts of the world were clamoring for a no-fly zone, the Biden administration rejected the proposal — rightfully — saying that it risked expanding the conflict and risking World War III. As the conflict drags on, however, there has been a shift to more hawkish rhetoric and a build-up of troops in NATO member nations. In a speech to American soldiers in Poland, the President seemed to suggest that they would be in Ukraine soon.

Some would argue that the remarks by the President were just another gaffe in a long list of dubious public statements. This could very easily be true, but there are other data points which are starting to make military-aged males slightly concerned.

There has not been a draft since the Vietnam war. The prospect of a similar war in Eastern Europe gets more likely by the day. NATO has added more troops to Eastern Europe, raising the temperature of an already dangerous situation.

The more men and arms that flow into the region, the higher the likelihood that Putin will feel NATO may attack. The Russian president may decide to preemptively strike NATO or the U.S. in response. These are the high stakes that are involved with these saber-rattling tactics.

What is also concerning is Putin stating that he is willing to use nuclear weapons if Russia feels there is an existential threat. The situation could spiral out of control in any number of ways either on purpose or by accident.

Although a substantial portion of America supports Ukraine in its fight against Russia, that public support would erode quickly if the government started conscripting its sons and daughters to fight in Eastern Europe. Many people do not consider that as a real possibility. But many people felt the same way before World War I and World War II. A quick and peaceful resolution in Ukraine is the only way to be certain that the rest of the world does not find itself fighting a large-scale war once more.