Biden’s Strategy Is ‘Flawed’ And Ric Grenell ‘Pointed Out’ Exactly How

Strength in a conflict is the most critical attribute of democracy. “Nice” isn’t going to cut it anymore. Former President Donald Trump’s strength was the greatest thing that could happen to the country in a long time. The best and worst part is that people are starting to notice. It’s good because the ones who voted for President Joe Biden know that they are wrong, and it’s terrible because we’re stuck until Biden is either impeached or is voted out.

Ric Grenell spoke at CPAC and said, “Diplomacy is not a weak alternative, but we all know that diplomacy in the absence of a real threat of force attracts derision. Diplomacy that views military force as a first option rather than a last resort, on the other hand, will lead to conflict. Diplomacy, when done well, is the polar opposite of conflict. This week has seen a dramatic breakdown in diplomacy.”

In Ukraine and Russia, many people have different views on Ukraine, but the truth is, the country is corrupt.

The Borgen Project reported in 2018 that “According to Transparency International (TI), Ukraine rated 120th out of 182 nations in TI’s Corruption Perceptions Index in 2018, making it the second most corrupt country in Europe. According to a Freedom House survey, corruption in Ukraine has only minimally decreased since the fall of the exceptionally corrupt Yanukovych presidency in 2014.”

That’s odd. Isn’t the mainstream media telling you that Ukraine is a strong democracy?

Grenell also pointed out that aside from Biden’s promise to bring back democracy, “it’s on its back.”

Biden’s form of “democracy” seems to be caving under pressure, taking bribes, giving bribes, and most notably withholding money from Ukraine until a top prosecutor is fired who was also investigating Burisma, his son’s former employer.

Biden went to Kyiv, Ukraine, to urge the government to get rid of Viktor Shokin.

Not only did Biden influence the decision, but he bragged about it while giving a speech. Everyone seemed to forget that when they voted in the 2020 election.

Grenell added, “When a conflict erupts, we sorely need new, creative, visionary diplomacy, muscular diplomacy to secure genuine peace. We watched helplessly last summer as our credibility, deterrence, and national pride disintegrated in the retreat from Afghanistan.”

The American people do not represent the weak man running the country, at least most of us.

There’s a notable difference between Biden and Trump’s strategy and Biden’s strategy and pushed the fact that Trump was outstanding on his feet and changed his strategy as he needed. Biden’s waiving of sanctions caused this entire mess, along with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which showed just how weak the Biden administration’s strategy was.