Biden’s Schedule Is ‘Clear’ And He’s Now The ‘Proud Owner’ Of A Kamala Harris Coffee Mug

The White House has emptied President Joe Biden’s schedule as the country needs answers from the free world leader. Inflation is growing, more illegal aliens are pouring in, Russia and Ukraine are having a bar fight, and China wants Taiwan to bow down to their dictatorship. Those are the critical issues that the President has to be focused on.

Biden’s primary focus has been ice cream and taking a vacation in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s not a regular occurrence that Biden will take a press conference, and it doesn’t end well when he does. Recently, Biden called Fox News journalist Peter Doocy a “son of a b*tch.” That’s an insult to mothers and fathers everywhere.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the President’s schedule and couldn’t quite figure out an answer.

She said, “Well, let’s see, um, this morning he had some policy meetings, uh, also a PDB meeting.”

Psaki should have given the man’s entire breakfast routine to take up time.

She continued, “Uh, he, um, later this afternoon, uh, I think is doing some remarks review. There are some days that we spend some time doing internal meetings and discussions, uh, with policy experts, with policy leaders, um, and that’s what’s happening today.”

So, Biden is doing meetings all day. That’s unlikely.

Psaki said that Biden “would say he doesn’t have nearly enough time on his schedule because it is packed whether people see him or not.”

The problem is that Biden sightings are rare enough for the public to notice, and Psaki did not explain Biden’s schedule. She made it specifically about seeing him and not the work he’s doing. Also, Biden would undoubtedly tell you it’s too busy because he has dementia. It’s not exactly a reliable metric for a packed schedule.

The American people are looking for results that they aren’t getting. They would accept effort, but results would be a better option. Biden’s Administration has thrown their hands up and quits only a year into the presidency. Former President Barack Obama should remind Biden that he’s been President for four years, and the one-year goal Biden has somehow survived isn’t going to cut it.

Biden did, however, go shopping for a Vice President Kamala Harris mug, no seriously. It was a mug with Harris on it:

Then Biden got ice cream. What a serious guy. This Russia-Ukraine disaster was solved because of mint chocolate chips.

It was nice to see Biden following his guidance with masks. That’s all the credit we’ll give.

Biden doesn’t know what to do with himself and can’t figure out how to make the correct decision to lead the country in the right direction. It’s not about partisan politics. It’s about making moves on behalf of the American people to ensure they’ll prosper rather than fall under the federal government’s rule. Then again, that seems to be his plan all along.