Biden’s People “Fail Photoshop” Again With Zelensky Call

Saying that the Administration’s media game is worse than a yearbook editor is an insult to high school students. Whatever intern they have run the Twitter account does not realize that it is for the President of the United States and not the local Chuck E. Cheese. People will check every post for accuracy down to the most minute details. Case in point, the @Potus Twitter account released the following tweet regarding the recent call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Let’s start with the factual accuracy of the photograph before we move on to scoring it for propaganda value. The Zelensky call was a few days ago, in January. Notice the leaves are lush and green. We could go entirely to Sherlock Holmes and check if there was snow that day. Still, the Biden Administration has had many fake posts that I feel comfortable stopping with my leaf analysis.

Do not forget that Biden’s team has constructed a fake oval office for him to transmit from, located across the street in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The White House claims that the fakery must accommodate a larger group of reporters than the actual Oval Office can handle. An interesting explanation from an administration hides the President as much as possible from the Press Corp.

Now I am not enough of a conspiracy theorist to suggest that we are being future paced to accept transmissions from the President emanating from an undisclosed location during a marital law scenario designed to deprive us of all liberty. Most things can be explained by greed and incompetence, especially with this Administration. The real reason is more likely related to the medical hoops required to keep the President alert and ambulatory.

Even if you can get past the production value problems of this photo, the messaging falls flat. Certainly, Biden’s handlers are trying to portray him on the call as thoughtful and presidential with this image. Given his recent misadventures, a more appropriate caption would be “Biden tries to determine if he just soiled his drawers.”