Biden’s Off-The-Cuff Comments Overseas Are Not Helping Anyone

Far too often, whenever Biden starts speaking publicly, it leads to a massive cringe-fest. Although, with the president’s visit to Europe last week, amid the war in Ukraine, the damage of his gaffe-ridden comments is that much greater.

Days ago, the president told American troops to their faces that they were going to “see” Ukraine once they were actually in the country. Immediately, the White House openly disputed this, saying the United States has no plans to send its troops into Ukraine.

That’s not all, though. During a public speech in Poland, Biden proclaimed there’s no way for Putin to be allowed to keep holding onto power. Once again, this is an example of an off-the-cuff statement with the potential to do great damage, as documented by National Review.

The Problem with Biden’s Most Recent Comments on Putin

Since Biden declared that Russia’s president can’t stay in power, the latter’s regime has responded. According to the Russian government, Biden doesn’t get to decide whether Putin holds power in Russia and neither does anyone else in the United States.

Meanwhile, by Biden making such a remark publicly, he’s played into propaganda that’s been coming from the Russian regime for quite some time. This propaganda asserts that America, NATO, and the West at large is secretly planning for the overhaul and demise of Russia.

On top of that, Biden’s call for regime change in Russia has made Putin that much more likely to dig in his heels and persist with his war, no matter the consequences. He’ll also very likely have the support of other Russian elites behind him.

More Issues with Biden’s Overseas Conduct

At this time, much of the world is very eager to know what the United States’ desired plan is to end the war in Ukraine. Biden didn’t make this clear throughout all the public remarks he shared last week.

There was no mention of what, exactly, is supposed to come from strong western alliances amid the behavior of the Russian government. Biden could have expressed an interest in a ceasefire or other similar outcomes, yet he did not do this.

Earlier this month, however, Biden did mention that Russia’s war in Ukraine is going to cause food shortages both in Europe and in the United States. At this time, Biden appears to be largely twisting in the wind and only making statements that will up the ante, rather than de-escalate geopolitical tensions.

So much for the adults being back in the room.