Biden’s New Parents Council Slammed By Parents

Since the Biden administration’s time in office, it’s largely shown enormous amounts of disrespect towards parents.

It wasn’t too long ago that Biden’s Justice Department was deeming parents as domestic terrorists. This all happened because of parents who spoke out at school board meetings to express concerns about what schools are teaching their kids.

The president also drew the ire of parents when he proclaimed during a speech that children “belong” to teachers when they’re in classrooms. This was not well-received by mothers and fathers across the country at all.

Now, the Biden administration has put together a new parents council; however, even this isn’t getting the reaction the White House was clearly going for.

Everything to Know About the White House’s Parents Council
Biden’s Department of Education is working very hard to market the council in a favorable light.

Apparently, the objectives of this council will involve helping schools bounce back from COVID, providing local family outreach initiatives, and assisting schools in connecting with families and childcare providers at large.

However, parents across the country are able to see through what the White House is selling. One major issue brought up has been the ties that various partisan groups have with this council.

Left-wing organizations, like the League of United Latin American Citizens, have opposed key initiatives, such as the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The National Parents Union, which also has a role in the White House’s parents council, endorsed parents who raise issues at school board meetings being classified as domestic terrorists.

If anything, parents are sounding the alarm about what the Biden administration is pushing. This is widely regarded as simply another initiative for the White House to force a partisan agenda on parents, schools, and the education of children at large.

More Hardships For Parents in Biden’s America
As the Biden administration works to put in place a parents council, it has yet to address real struggles that parents are dealing with across the nation.

There’s the ongoing baby formula shortage, along with reduced access to childcare.

Meanwhile, both the White House and Democrats at large continue to oppose school choice and private school vouchers. Both of these initiatives would help parents and empower them to ensure their kids get the best education.