Biden’s Monkeypox Response Aide Has Troubling Ties To The Occult

Joe Biden routinely faces criticism for a variety of reasons, with his pattern of nominating the wrong candidates for public service making the list.

From his Supreme Court nominee who claimed she couldn’t define the word “woman,” to his anti-gun ATF choices and the Comptroller of the Currency nominee who wanted to end private banking, many Americans don’t trust Biden’s judgment.

This pattern is now repeating itself. This time, it has to do with Biden selecting an individual with ties to the occult to serve as the White House’s monkeypox response aide.

Introducing Demetre Daskalakis
Many Americans have been disturbed to learn the nation’s monkeypox response deputy is in deep with satanism and the occult.

Daskalakis doesn’t even try to hide this from the public. Instead, he openly flaunts it by posting pentagrams, demonic messages, ouija boards, and more satanic paraphernalia on his social media accounts.

This isn’t a recent trend for Daskalakis, either. In late 2011, he was photographed at a White House event while wearing an upside-down cross. This is infamously known as a perversion of the original cross on which Jesus died.

Despite the current monkeypox response aide’s history, it didn’t stop him from landing a job as a member of the New York City Health Department when former Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) was in office.

Radio Silence From the White House
Daskalakis was officially confirmed to join the Biden administration early last month.

Recently, Daskalakis also opted to make his Instagram page private. However, there are all sorts of screenshots showing images and posts from the White House aide.

Of course, the Biden administration has yet to release a statement explaining its decision to let a Satanist come to work for them. This choice is especially interesting since Joe Biden himself claims to be a Catholic.

Although the White House is remaining tightlipped about this, many Americans aren’t. Concerned citizens view this as a horrible choice that ultimately brings the wrong type of influence to the federal government.

Others have said this new hire is on brand for the Biden administration and its leadership of the nation thus far.

Finally, the president’s willingness to hire Daskalakis in spite of his ties to the occult raises questions about what other characters he’d be willing to bring on board.