Biden’s LATE Arrivals At Multiple Press Events and Revealing Comments Should ALARM White House

Since the situation in Afghanistan fell apart in the last several days, President Joe Biden has gone from staying away from the White House to running chronically late for press appearances to letting even more indiscreet and revealing statements slip out.

Biden’s tardiness has gone from averaging a few minutes to running hours on end and has drawn attention among Democrats. He was more than four hours late for his remarks on Tuesday, and his comments rambled through other topics before he finally got around to the evacuation mission in Afghanistan.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Wednesday morning that after making the nation wait for hours, he “touted a $5 trillion liberal wishlist.” By not taking any questions after the lengthy delay, McCarthy said that Biden’s walking away is the image that has come to define his presidency.

Following the deadly suicide bombing attacks on U.S. troops on Thursday, Biden made a stunning admission when he got around to taking questions after his speech. He said, “They gave me a list here,” and noted that Kelly O’Donnell from NBC was “the first person I was instructed to call on.”

Biden’s ‘list’ included the typical reporters who gave the president softball questions that fed into the crafted narrative.

Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-TX) was a Navy fighter pilot who was deployed to Afghanistan three times. In an interview with Fox News following Biden’s press conference, he demanded to know who is “behind the curtain.”

Ellzey said that while presidents should be expected to ask for advice from staff, “they don’t take instructions.” The Congressman noted that an accountability investigation should be held to determine where the president gets his instructions.

He said that both Democrats and Republicans are united in demanding answers about Biden’s handling but added that it is more important to get all Americans out of Afghanistan safely first. He said that completing that mission should not be directed by “some arbitrary timeline, like August 31st.”

Ellzey also referred to the story that broke on Thursday, revealing that U.S. officials had provided the names of Americans and Afghan allies stranded outside the Kabul airport. He demanded to know who the responsible officials are and that they resign. “There’s not even a word for it,” he said, adding, “they need to be kicked out.”