Biden’s Inflation Issue Is ‘Void’ From His Mind

President Joe Biden can’t keep his sentences on track for long enough not to shuffle through his papers to figure out what he would say. Biden did this when he spoke about the most impactful situation Americans are in: Inflation.

Biden said, “The fact is that if we can do what I’m talking about here, it will lower the prices for normal families. Reduce the cost of living for typical families. I’m not sure why they keep shifting and all that, but the fact is that they keep costs down for normal families.”

At that moment, Biden began shuffling his papers like he was looking for something to say and had nothing.

Inflation is at 7.5% and isn’t slowing down. The fact that Biden would suggest that anything he’s doing is helping is ridiculous. There’s a direct correlation between Biden taking office and the rising price of goods, and yes, that has some to do with the spending in 2020, but also a lot to do with the decisions Biden has made since taking office.

In no way does a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package help Americans. The cost that it will have on taxpayers will far outweigh the potential for job creation and possible wage increases. Build Back Better is no different.

Biden also wants you to know that you should have peace of mind. Of what? Who knows.

Biden said, “The fact is that we’re now in a situation where, you know, you should be at ease. I’m aware that food prices have risen, and we’re striving to bring them down. As I already stated, the price of gasoline has risen, yet these items are essentials.”

Necessities for what? Biden keeps blaming everything on whatever he wants to without taking responsibility for shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline, not pushing for the Willow Project, and making it harder for American families to make a living with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Though the Supreme Court shut down the mandate, many people were fired by businesses while the mandate went through the court process. And, the Supreme Court didn’t stop the medical COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which has and will affect many families across the United States.

The Canada-US border is another area where Biden could act. The COVID-19 vaccine mandate will make supply chain issues harder than they already are.

Used cars and gas are up around 40%, and electricity is 24%. That’s not sustainable. With the possible tax increases on the top 1%, there’s an excellent possibility that Americans won’t be able to keep up with the rise in products as is, much less when the trickle-down of price increases begin.

It is all happening while Biden gives $30 million to drug addicts through his Harm Reduction Program Grant.

The country is going through a process, and it’s not affecting the elite members of society like it is the average American. There has to be a change that can only come from a different Administration.