Biden’s Going To The Big Apple To “Take Away” Your AR-14s

President Joe Biden is coming for your AR-14! Biden can come to take it. We’ll meet him like he’s buying it off craigslist if that would make it easier. Thank God AR-14s don’t exist, and it shows how dumb Biden is. Anyone who knows nothing about a particular topic shouldn’t ever make legislation on that topic. That’s not how solutions are achieved, and it’s certainly not how gun violence is curbed.

Biden is going to New York City to talk about a strategy to stop gun violence. If anything like Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan ended terribly, he should stay home and cancel the trip.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is a prior law enforcement officer. If anyone knows the impact of gun violence in NYC, it’s Adams. Unfortunately, Adams is a little bit too far on the Democrat side to make significant changes that would help NYC, but Biden needs to leave this one up to Adams in the game of fighting crime.

Adams recently said, “Statistically, New York City is still the safest big city in America. But we are not going to be satisfied with statistics.”

That’s a very honorable thing to say. Agree with Adams or not, he doesn’t seem to be a political figure that’s interested in succeeding on paper without any merit to the actions he’s taken, and that’s a good thing. Too many politicians look great on paper but are a hot mess from the word go. Adams doesn’t seem to be that type of guy.

Biden will be in NYC on February 3, 2022, “to discuss the Administration’s comprehensive strategy to combat gun crime.” That’s short for “Biden thinks there are too many guns.”

That will never solve the problem. Statistically, if you legally give more people guns, cities are safer. Look at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Someone was attending a protest and could protect himself from the complex because of a firearm. That’s not to suggest we put guns in everyone’s hands no matter what, but the presence of weapons in legal gun owners’ hands hinders criminal activity. It’s proven time and time again.

Instead of looking at statistical data of high levels of gun ownership, look at where firearms are hard to get. Places like Chicago, for instance, have an insane amount of gun violence, and it’s much more challenging to get a firearm than it is in other cities.

Nothing that Biden does is going to help. Over-regulation on a constitutionally protected item isn’t going to work magically. You can’t legislate gun violence outside of the city, and you have to get tough on crime. The first thing should be to take back the bail reform enacted in New York state.