Biden’s Fake Stage Gives The Realist Idea That He’s Not In Charge Here

President Joe Biden’s pretend White House playset is becoming more insulting as the months go by. Imagine being worth so little as a reporter and American that the president and the White House use a fake set to take questions and address the public? Is the White House not good enough? Are we not good enough?

I know that you could imagine that if former President Donald Trump were still in the White House, there would be much more scrutiny of his position if he showed apparent cognitive decline and used a fake set. Even Republicans would be calling for his removal from office. You don’t have to believe that, but it’s true. Republicans don’t like fake politicians like the left does. They desire accountability and can sit back and blame their side for wrong things.

It seems like the Truman show where there’s no reality to hold on to. You have to remind yourself that this is real. Still, you don’t know if it is or not, and it’s trippy sometimes to think about the United States President being used as a proxy for the radical Democrats that are occupying the greatest nation known to man.

The windows behind Biden are usually themed based on the day’s stories. Sometimes there are roses, shipping containers, and a pretty snow scene behind Biden. It’s weird and off-putting.

Tim Murtaugh, former Trump Communications Director, tweeted:

Interestingly enough, there hasn’t been any coverage from the left-wing media. Go figure.

Vice President Kamala Harris is absent. Why doesn’t she share the stage with Biden during his fake appearances?

This whole facade may be because Biden wants to portray that he’s afraid of an insurrection at the actual White House. If he is, he needs to say it so that we can all know even more that he’s a weak president. If there truly is a security risk at the White House, that’s not a good thing. Usually, there’s a code red time frame, and then it cools off as intel gets information that there’s not a threat, but the entire first year of the presidency is oddly satisfying. How did you ask?

Biden is a fake president. That’s because his handlers are in charge. That’s not some philosophical claim that the election was stolen. But then again, who knows, right? Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain is likely the real one sitting in the Oval Office unless Harris convinced Biden that she could use it as her office. But still, no president has had more pictures taken in their vacation home or other places other than the White House during their presidency. When’s the last time Biden was seen in the Oval Office? Can you think of a time? Neither can we.

Yeah, Biden may be perusing around the White House doing some TikTok videos with people, but that’s all he’s been doing wandering.