Biden’s Current NSA Executive Specified In Durham Prosecution

Corruption in government agencies isn’t a conspiracy. They take some time to prove. There’s still information coming out about the John Durham indictments, and President Joe Biden’s administration needs to proceed with caution and consider firing some of the mentions.  

Biden’s administration’s NSA director Jake Sullivan is indicted in the Durham investigation, and Michael Sussmann gave information to Sullivan in 2016 and placed him inside the investigation. Sullivan was the foreign policy advisor that was unnamed until now.  

At this point, there aren’t any charges, and the White House hasn’t commented on the situation.  

Devin Nunes (R-CAL) said, “It seems like a lot of the key Russia hoaxers fell upward and got promotions in the Biden administration.” Isn’t that how unethical behavior is rewarded in the criminal world? Break the law enough, and you move up in the ranks? Seems like a similar situation.  

Nunes also said, “If Jake Sullivan was involved in the hoax, he should come clean and give a complete, honest account of his role, but I won’t hold my breath for that.”

The fact that there isn’t immediate action tells you a lot about the Biden administration. Just compare this to former President Donald Trump’s administration and ask yourself if the same actions would be taken. The mainstream media would have already been all over this by now and calling for the person indicted to resign. Just look at the Hunter Biden scandal and how it was covered up from social media and mainstream media. If that were Donald Trump Jr., Then there would have been different coverage of the incident.  

Sullivan, the foreign policy advisor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, knew that Sussmann was working for her and was aware of the information and investigation. What Biden does from here is going to be very interesting. They’re likely going to spin this in a good way for Sullivan and Biden’s administration because that’s what they do.  

Even if there is a complete and open investigation, the resulting consequences will be minimal, if anything at all. Accountability in politics is almost dead.