Biden’s Communications Director EMBARRASS Herself With Most OUTRAGEOUS Lie Yet

President Joe Biden is a laughing stock during his press conferences. No matter the topic, Biden always makes sure to pick from his pre-selected list of journalists and even says it out loud. “I’ve got a list here of who I’m supposed to select,” is a phrase commonly heard from the podium as Biden stumbles to pick the proper journalist as if he’s a substitute teacher.

Biden does act as a substitute teacher. Never knowing what’s happening or what to say, staring squint-eyed into the teleprompter to make sure he says all the words correctly. That never happens, by the way. Biden is just a substitute president, waiting for Vice President Kamala Harris to be tagged into the spot.

The White House Communication Director, Kate Bedingfield, said Biden “Never shies away from taking questions.”

Though Biden does take questions, it’s how he handles them that’s concerning. A president that won’t leave script to give the American people answers, and we’re to expect that Biden effectively conducted peace deals with the Taliban or spoke coherently at the G7 Summit? Biden couldn’t even remember that the South African president had already been introduced and interrupted Boris Johnson, and Johnson was quick to correct Biden. Biden probably did that to make sure he recognized the South African president because he was black.

The pandering to the Black American community can’t stop when Biden leaves the United States. But the way Biden assumed that Cyril Ramaphosa couldn’t speak for himself and needed a white man to do it for him is just as insulting as forgetting he had already been introduced.

Bedingfield said that she would let Biden decide if he would take questions during an interview with MSNBC, and it turns out, she said it with a straight face. If former President Donald Trump were in office, he would be personally doing press conferences as he did when he was in office. It seems Trump was the head of press conferences more than his Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. Biden can’t seem to stay away from Delaware enough to engage with the public at the tensest period since the first Covid-19 lockdowns. It’s disgraceful.

Of course, the Biden administration has more lying to do for Biden as Afghanistan falls, and United States military troops are falling with it. At least 12 soldiers lost their lives on August 26th, 2021, when two suicide bombs were detonated, and at least 60 Afghan’s lost their lives.

It is an example of what life would be like in Afghanistan from this day forward as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban fight for power.

Biden’s substitute teacher mentality has spiraled conflicts overseas and across the nation. The border, Afghanistan, inflation, irresponsible spending, and so many issues have led political power to swift away from the United States to other world powers across the globe.