Biden Will Address The Nation And Psaki Calls It A “Glorious Occasion”

The time has finally come. President Joe Biden is holding a press conference on January 19, 2022. Biden’s move will be unnatural because he generally doesn’t like to address the public, and he’s told not to call on reporters who aren’t approved by his staff.

At a press conference, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “I have a little bit of news for all of you. Next Wednesday, the President will hold a formal press conference at 4 p.m.”

Are we supposed to celebrate? Is this a unique gift that Biden’s giving us as a nation? Can we have fireworks and sparklers?

The fact that this is something we should look forward to is ridiculous, and Psaki’s note of it should actually be problematic, and here’s why.

The White House has been under some new construction. Why should you worry? Any barricade has been associated with insurrection and disaster in the US.

It is out of character for Psaki and the Biden Administration. The President of the United States addressing the nation should never be “news.” It should be a regular occurrence. Anything less should be considered a dereliction of duty.

The filibuster and voting rights have been hot topics, so if there’s an executive order to block the filibuster and get rid of it, that’s a bad sign for the country. Biden could also do an executive order on voting rights to get through the 2022 midterm election, but that’s a bit less likely. The filibuster is the main thing standing in the way of Biden and voting bills. That would be their primary focus.

Strategy is the number one rule for politics. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it goes wrong. Considering Vice President Kamala Harris has gotten rid of most of her strategists and spoke to Hilary Clinton is also concerning. Could Biden be stepping down? If Harris becomes the new President, she can take the fall for the Build Back Better, voting rights getting denied, the filibuster being put in place, and Republicans giving her a run for her money after the 2022 midterm election. What could go wrong? Her VP choice.

As noted, Hillary Clinton met with Harris to start talking about a 2024 presidential run. Though the debates with former President Donald Trump would be glorious, a Clinton ticket would worsen this country. Much worse.

Biden could also be doing his usual thing, whispering then yelling. Though that will be included, it’s unlikely Psaki would mention it as a highlight of our week.

There are too many possibilities, and Biden is too unpredictable to guess what’s going through his head. Set your timers and get the champagne ready. We’re going to hear from Biden!