Biden Voter “Furious” With The President’s First Year

Many Democrat voters regret their support and vote for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Still, most of them don’t get the opportunity to speak about their regret on national television. Isaiah Carter got his opportunity.

Carter told Fox News, a New York-based Democrat voter, “A year in, and I’m disgusted with them both. I’m disgusted with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.”

He was featured on a campaign video and donated to his campaign.

Carter continued, “I donated to Biden. I supported Kamala Harris from day one. I even starred in Biden’s victory video ‘America the Beautiful.”

Feeling betrayed isn’t good, especially when you’ve lost money to support a candidate and get nothing in return. That raises the question of donating to anyone’s campaign. Biden and Harris have been exceedingly deceitful and haven’t accomplished most of the things they said they were going to do, but the most significant promise; uniting the country.

Carter admitted that his support went further than any other political candidate, saying, “I did more than I’ve done in my entire life for any candidate whatsoever, and I’m disgusted.”

It gets worse.

It turns out that people disagree with Biden on crucial issues that the United States is facing. Only 29% of those polled believe that the US should send troops to Ukraine to assist in their border dispute.

At least some Americans understand the conflictual relationship between the Biden family and Ukraine and can see through some of the smoke and mirrors why Biden would be so supportive of doing everything he can for Ukraine.

It results from Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma, a Ukraine energy company, and Ukraine’s corrupt government.

Biden’s insane idea that sending troops would assist in the conflict isn’t shared with the average person, and it’s likely due to the withdrawal from Afghanistan and how it went.

Even more telling, 76% reject the idea of only nominating a Black American female to the Supreme Court. America is saying “no” to Biden and his Administration finally.

The Biden Administration is making it very easy for Republicans in the 2022 midterm election, where they’re expected to win by a landslide. Voters are watching, and they remember all of the terrible decisions that Biden has made and are worried about future decisions.