Biden Utilizing Military Authority To Order More COVID-19 Tests

President Joe Biden has copied former President Donald Trump in many ways, starting with the withdrawal from Afghanistan that ended horribly and now copying Trump’s use of the military to deliver on COVID-19 needs.

This time, Biden’s way late to the ball game where Trump was at least on time or ahead of schedule with personal protective equipment and especially ventilators for hospitals. Trump over delivered on ventilators, which isn’t necessarily bad.

Biden tweeted, “Today, I committed $137 million to expand the production of COVID-19 at-home tests using our military authority to meet demand.”

Thanks, Biden. It would be best if you had done this months ago when you mandated employers with 100 employees or more to get the COVID-19 vaccine or get weekly COVID-19 tests in September and were talking about it before.

USA Today reported at the beginning of October, “The Administration has secured commitments from test manufacturers to supply up to 200 million home tests per month by December, said Jeff Zients, the White House coronavirus response coordinator.”

That’s the real story of December, Biden’s Administration dropped the ball big time.

There hasn’t been much interest in the tests or the expansion because it gives a longer time frame and more money to big pharma for facilities.

Reuters reported, “The money will allow the company over three years to build a new facility to produce nitrocellulose membranes, the paper that displays test results, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.”

This COVID-19 pandemic isn’t ending anytime soon in the federal government’s eyes. Biden’s comment about not having a federal solution seems to have fallen on deaf ears, or he just forgot. It looks as though Biden found his federal solution, but you should ask how much stock Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi invested before this decision was made. Follow the money.

The new facility will allow MilliporeSigma to produce 85 million tests every month. That’s a lot of tests in 3 years when COVID-19 is likely to be a common cold like it is now.

Government investments into drug companies were terrible when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushed Regeneron as a COVID-19 treatment? Citadel, a donor to the DeSantis campaign, apparently had a stake in the company that produced Regeneron. The left lost their mind saying that DeSantis was killing Floridians by pushing treatment rather than the COVID-19 vaccine. Where’s the left now?