Biden Ups The Ante, Proposes Millions To Pay For Legal Fees Of Illegal Aliens

Most people would agree that allowing someone an opportunity is enough of a charity, and they have to carry their weight from that point forward. That’s the fairway to lend a hand without moving them to the finish line.

President Joe Biden has held the hand of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and allowed them to cross into the United States uninhibited, but now the stakes get higher with his next proposed move.

Biden wants taxpayers to pay for illegal aliens to have attorneys assist them in their pathway to citizenship. No, you heard that right. You and I will be paying for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship. This bizarre move was suggested in Biden’s immigration bill that would make a lot of $15 million for private attorneys for legal assistance. Now, I know you may think that this is a sympathy move, but Biden is slowly giving United States citizens the rights to illegal immigrants one by one. The 6th amendment gives you the right to a speedy trial and legal defense as a citizen. But the migrants aren’t citizens. The move is likely a pinhole in further legalizing the migrants who broke the law to get to the United States.

If this move is made, it will undermine the judicial process more than anything ever has. If your ex-partner decides not to let you see your kids, you have to pay for an attorney or pay the court to grant you a custody document or hold your ex-partner in contempt. The legal fees are expensive and, most of the time, reach over $10,00 on the low end. If the court grants you the right to custody of your kids, your ex-partner usually doesn’t have to pay your legal fees unless certain circumstances are met, but this is rare. The government gives no aid to good parents who have to summon the court to have custody of their children, yet the same person who paid tens of thousands of dollars for his legal council now has to pay for a migrant’s legal counsel? That’s the ridiculous suggestion made by any President yet. What about landlords who need to evict someone for not paying their rent? Is that going to be free from now on too? I didn’t think it would.

According to Yahoo News, “The $15 million in funding would only be enough to cover several thousand people, according to a study from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Immigration lawyers charge between $150 and $300 per house.”

So what about your wages? Are you going to get a raise at your work granted by the federal government, or is this just for illegal immigrants? And where are the immigrants being housed? Is Biden going to pay for hotels forever, or will he also pay for their homes? Maybe that’s why Black Rock is investing $1.2 trillion into the housing market because the government can then turn around and rent these homes from Black Rock and house the migrants for free on your dime.

Any way this ends up will be devastating to an already unstable economy. Migrants cost you money, and you deserve a voice in this madness. Eighty million voters didn’t vote for this in the 2020 election. At least we hope not.