Biden Tries To Appease Russia, But He’s Just An Old Man With A Weak Heart

President Joe Biden doesn’t want war with anyone. He’s feeble-minded enough to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that’s probably why the withdrawal from Afghanistan went so terribly. The US gave up Bagram, Afghanistan air base. It wasn’t a strategic move, but it happened anyway.

Currently, if you look at what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine, you can see that conflict is on the horizon.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “a growing number of military flights and dangerous ship maneuvers are taking place along Russia’s borders by the United States and NATO allies. As a result, the US military and its NATO allies have gone from testing the strength of our border protection system to provocations against civilian aircraft, endangering human lives.”

Russia isn’t pleased. Biden has partially tried to appease Vladimir Putin as the weak president, and many politicians aren’t happy about it. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said, “It’s important to understand that this is all Joe Biden’s fault. Joe Biden is to blame for two reasons. First and foremost, you mentioned Afghanistan’s disaster just a minute ago, as well as Biden’s weakness in surrendering to the Taliban. Every adversary of America measured the man in the Oval Office. The same surrender that we saw with the Taliban, the rest of America’s enemies, were encouraged by that surrender.”

The Foreign Minister’s statement continued, “In connection with these provocative actions, the US Embassy in Moscow received a protest note on December 8 warning about the dangerous consequences of such reckless behavior. The note lists recent incidents that did not end in tragedy solely due to good fortune and the quick thinking of Russian pilots and air traffic controllers.”

Putin isn’t afraid of Biden. Biden is doing more appeasement than tough talk, but the US is difficult with Russia and the possibility of a Ukraine invasion and China’s tensions with Taiwan. Neither is good, but a simultaneous attack would be even worse.

In the attempts to destroy former President Donald Trump, the Democrats have put themselves in an interesting spot with Russia because of the Russian Collusion hoax they perpetrated for so many years. Biden is a frail president and has been disastrous for the country, so that he may be playing himself up as the “tough” guy, but he’s just a weak-minded old man.