Biden to Pull Funds from Schools for Gender Identity Noncompliance

As corporations try to outdo each other with pandering to the LGBTQ community at the start of gay pride month, the Biden administration is taking much more direct action to push the agenda.

President Biden is threatening to pull funding from schools for not complying with the transgender agenda. This means that if a school is unwilling to allow first grade biological boys to use the girls’ restroom that school can lose meal money for its students.

It is estimated that .07% of children ages 13 to 17 identify as transgender. States like California and New York have a higher percentage of students who fall into this category than North Dakota, for example. Instead of relying on federalism, where each state school can determine the best policies for its student population, the Biden administration is engaging in top-down policy making.

Multiple states have promised push back if Biden goes through with the plan. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has stated that South Dakota will sue the government rather than comply. You can also expect parents who disagree with the move to start showing up at school board meetings to make their voices heard.

No one should be surprised by the administration’s stance, however. President Biden has previously supported sex change operations for minors, as well as hormone therapy and puberty blockers. These would have been considered extreme positions just five years ago.

A majority of Americans oppose these policies, but that does not seem to deter the Biden administration from plowing ahead. It looks like the administration is trying to enact the most extreme policies before the Democratic Party gets crushed in the midterms.