Biden Threatens Republicans And Talks About Grandma

Threatening the opposing political party isn’t a great look for the President of the United States. President Joe Biden keeps talking like there’s more for him to do, but he needs to realize that his popularity and the overall image are over.

Remarks made by Biden at the Democratic National Convention Holiday Celebration made it seem like Biden was looking toward the future and passed the Build Back Better bill. Biden, Democrats, and Republicans know that it’s dead in the water and won’t survive the Senate vote. There’s no way to make amends with the disastrous administration that Biden has laid in front of the American people’s feet.

Biden said, “And folks, there’s so much more to do: police reform, criminal justice reform, immigration, gun violence, the courts, protecting a woman’s right to choose. All these critical issues.”

Wait, the courts? There’s nothing to do in the courts. The team that Biden created to review court-packing has concluded that it would destroy “the court’s function and character as a court of law.”

They also said, “Court-packing is anathema to constitutional government.”

Ruling by popular demand isn’t how true leaders govern. They evaluate what’s good for the country as a whole and then decide.

Biden can’t stop himself, though. Biden said, “They’re afraid even just to debate the bills in the United States Senate, even on a bill that includes provisions that a Republican has traditionally supported.”

Of course, there’s no actual merit to the statement. It’s an attack meant to cause division and push Republicans to the sideline and boost Democrats’ appeal. It’s not working, and it’s obvious when you look at Build Back Better and other things Biden has done. He’s just not doing it right.

Biden then said, “So, you know – so mom can – grandmom can walk out without having – out of her porch – without worrying about falling.”


Then came the threats, “I want to tell my Republican friends: Get ready, bal (pal). You’re going in for a problem.”

We’re all scared, Joe. The only difference is that we’re scared with you in office, not getting Republicans elected. Those are two different things.