Biden Takes A Vacation During Crisis Mode But Is Anyone Surprised?

As the world is seemingly collapsing in on itself, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are enjoying yet another vacation. It’s beginning to feel like Biden isn’t actually at the White House very much and isn’t in control of anything.

The biggest crisis that the United States is facing is inflation. There’s no other crisis that’s affecting every social and wealth level at this very moment and it’s going to push prices high enough to bring the poverty line up, driving many to desperation. The middle class seems on pace to replace the upper class and the lower class may be the new middle class — that’s not exactly building from the bottom up and the middle out, is it?

Biden has arguably broken a few records while in office, with one being the total amount of vacations taken by a president. Biden has spent around 25% of his time in office on vacation and has given less interviews and press conferences than former President Donald Trump and Barack Obama — by a considerable margin.

The New York Post reported, “As of November 30, Biden gave just 18 interviews. Over a comparable period in their first years as president, Trump sat down for 89 interviews and Barack Obama gave 141 interviews.”

While inflation is an issue, the gas crisis is an issue as well. From November of 2020 to February 2022, gas prices have steadily risen from $2.20 per gallon to $3.61 per gallon, according to the most recent U.S. Energy Information Administration graph.

There’s not a representation of the current prices, but the gas prices that you’re seeing right now are an all-time high and the highest since 2008.

Aside from all of the financial chaos, Biden’s vacations have shown a weakness around the world. Biden has gone as far as to use a stage across the street from the White House to speak to the country for several months, which was very odd for a president to do. The stage depicted scenes on the fake windows of current events such as snow, a shipping container yard and many other scenes.

Even when Biden addresses the nation, he can’t get through a speech without stumbling or completely messing up. During the State of the Union address, Biden said “Iranian” instead of “Ukrainian” when talking about the conflict in Ukraine. That’s not a good look, especially considering Vice President Kamala Harris’ response while she was sitting in the background of the camera shot. Harris mouthed “Ukrainian” in disappointment.

It’s likely too late for Biden to turn his public failures around at this point. There’s an even higher likelihood that things are going to get worse for Biden, so he may want to spend a lot more time on vacation when that does happen.