Biden Stumbles Through Another Gaffe-Filled Speech

President Joe Biden spoke about hurricanes and natural disasters at Joint Base Andrews. Biden said it was going to be “another tough hurricane season” ahead of us, and as usual, Biden stumbled over his words.

Before sitting, Biden toured the facility and saw the helicopters that are used to track hurricanes then read his speech word for word while looking down at the paper a large majority of the speech.

Biden said, “We know hurricanes are coming our way. They grow more extreme every season thus far. Pay attention to the hurricane warnings and, and, and follow, follow the guidance of your local authorities.”

Clearly there are some issues going on inside of Biden’s head for him to say “and” three times in a row.

To follow up the blatant inability to put together sentences, Biden said, “Our top priorities help Americans prevent, prepare, and respond to… in every community to what we’re gonna, to what’s happened. And our, you know, one of our charges, uh, and uh, is, well, put it another way. When the changes I directed is that to ensure that the piles of paperwork and bureaucratic excuse, excuses we’ve used in the past sometimes don’t stand in the way of getting help to the most disadvantaged communities.”

That’s embarrassing. We can’t have the President of the United States making so many mistakes so consistently. Obviously, nobody is perfect, but when Biden’s giving a speech and says, “one of our charges, uh, and uh, is, well, put it another way,” there’s a high likelihood that Biden’s cognitive ability to make major decisions is impaired.

Before departing in Air Force One, Biden took a couple of questions. The White House transcript is a bit confusing and it’s unclear what’s even going on, but Biden does answer one important question.

A reporter asked, “Will you send officials to Ukraine? Will you send senior officials to Ukraine?” Biden responded, “We’ll – we’re making that decision now. Thank you.”

Innocent enough, but the reporter continued, “Who would you send?” Biden responded, “Are you ready to go?” The reporter then asked, “Are you?” Biden responded, “Yeah.”

Joe Biden is struggling. He is clearly declining, and that may be a serious risk to our national security.