Biden State Department’s “Woke” Tweet Brings Wrath From Republicans

Most things tend to go too far when the government gets involved. They aren’t just there to help, and they’re there to take over. Nothing will be left to liberty and freedom after the government comes in and helps. That’s why the worst phrase you could hear is, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” 

Being an advocate, supporter, or just an ally of the LGBTQ+ Community is delicate and should be something everyone strives to be. Nobody wants to leave anyone out, and when you allow others freedom to do what they please, you can ask and make sure that same freedom is given in return.  

However, the State Department should probably back up just a little bit and focus on China’s missile launched into orbit, the Taliban. They have taken over Afghanistan, killed citizens, and ensured that the southern border is taken care of.  

But, no. They have to get involved in National Pronouns Day and send out a tweet making sure everyone knows that they’re a supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community.  

The tweet read, “Today on National Pronouns Day, we share why many people list their pronouns on their email and social media profiles. Read more here on @ShareAmerica:” 

The only reason they’re doing this is to be inclusive, and, honestly, they want votes. The political elites don’t seem to care about anyone. They left hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan. What makes you think they want to make sure the LGBTQ+ Community is included in anything. Human life is above pronouns.  

It didn’t end there, and they also tweeted about a National Awareness Day. 

It might seem cruel to criticize the government for being inclusive, but you should realize that they shouldn’t care about gender at all. The problem here is that the same government that has supplied the Taliban with billions of dollars of military equipment also says that National Pronoun Day and a National Awareness Day are important. If you haven’t heard, the Taliban behead people in the LGBTQ+ Community and post the videos on the internet. So while you think that the government is doing something good and being all-inclusive, look at who they fund.  

The United Nations is already asking for $606 million for Afghanistan, and other world leaders are urging the United States to unfreeze Afghanistan’s bank accounts. That will help fund terrorism worldwide and assist the Taliban in their torture and murder of citizens. 

With all of the silliness at the White House and the Pentagon, Americans need answers to questions they already have, not praise for a particular day. In the amount of time it took to write those tweets, the State Department could have given an update on Afghanistan, China’s missiles, Taiwan, anything but what they did. It shows you where the State Department’s priorities are, and they aren’t on the citizens of this country.