Biden State Department Punts On Crucial Taliban Question

As the United Nations considers giving the Taliban credentials and a seat at the table, resistance fighters try to get their country back. The former Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, leads Afghan commanders to push back and try to keep control of Panjshir.  

The State Department is considering if the Taliban should be present at the table of the world leaders. The terrorist organization. The ones that view women as less than men and execute gays. That Taliban.  

So, while the Taliban waits for a response for permission to speak at the General Assembly and credential status, the world waits as well.  

According to a transcript, the United States wants to include the “Quad” nations (United States, India, Japan, and Australia) into the decision, which wouldn’t be a negative idea. Still, maybe the U.N. should consider getting feedback from countries a little bit closer to Afghanistan. The effects of that status would be felt across the globe, but the Taliban’s ability to govern their country should be considered to decide like that. You can’t just assume they’ll be able to uphold any promise they’ve made or be able to run Afghanistan without massive outside support.  

The official spokesman for the Taliban is the member who suggested holding the seat at the U.N table. His Twitter is @suhailshabeen1. I’m guessing @suhailshabeen had already been taken, and the one had to be added.  

This guy has 510.3K followers. Former President Donald Trump is banned. Let that sink in.  

The United States has to be the one to stop this. China and Russia would have no problem with the Taliban being in control and having a seat at the table because it would legitimize any commerce between the countries and the Taliban.  

The Taliban are actively retaliating against the former Afghanistan government allies. They’re stripping human rights away and refusing to back down. The United States hasn’t expressed interest in denying the Taliban, so what does that say? It says that they’re considering the possibility. President Joe Biden’s administration is actively considering allowing the Taliban a seat at the U.N. table. But, the greatest threat to the United States is “climate change.”  

On August 16th, 2021, the U.N. said that the Taliban’s conduct would matter “a great deal” in determining what level of support and acceptance the world gives the Taliban. No member of the U.N. has to live under the Taliban, so how would they know? How much would they excuse?  

Even Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the U.S. would look at what the Taliban does rather than what they say to determine how the U.S. moves forward with them. This statement solidifies the bond and cooperation the U.S. gave the Taliban while withdrawing from Afghanistan and should be investigated further.