Biden Staff End Press Conference Early

Members of President Joe Biden’s staff abruptly ended a press conference before it was over this week, sparking concern about the president’s health. The move followed a number of distressing incidents involving the president earlier this year, including falling down at the Air Force Academy’s graduation.

Biden held the press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is currently overseas following an appearance at the G20 summit in New Delhi, India.

After answering questions, the president’s words appeared to be trailing off. While answering a reporter’s question, an unidentified member of the staff, later named as White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre thanked the group and the president began walking off the stage.

Prior to the remarks, Biden stated that he would “go to bed.”

During the same press conference, a member of the press asked the question if he was concerned about his son Hunter being invited. Special counsel David Weiss is reportedly preparing charges against the First Son for later this month.

The president did not answer the question and exited the stage.

He was asked a question about climate change.

“The Indian looks at John Wayne and points to the Union soldier and says, ‘He’s a lying, dog-faced pony soldier!’” the president replied.

During the same event, Biden used a line that he gained attention for during the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary.

The Vietnam press conference was not the first time that Biden’s actions elicited concern about his health. In May, he fell on stage during the Air Force Academy’s graduation. He later said that the fall was caused by a nearby sandbag.

Biden has fallen a number of other times since taking office in 2021, including several caught on camera while walking up the stairs into Air Force One.

In addition, multiple polls have shown that a majority of the American public is concerned about Biden’s mental and physical health. Significant majorities also expressed doubts regarding whether the 80-year-old president was capable of effectively serving another term.