Biden ‘Socially Distances’ Himself From CEOs But They Don’t ‘Social Distance’ Themselves

If President Joe Biden has learned anything from meeting with people in person, it’s that he never knows when he’s going to soil himself. Is that why everyone was sitting far away from him when he met with CEOs of electric companies?

Biden tweeted:

Missing, of course, was Elon Musk.

At the meeting, everyone was spaced out away from Biden. Biden sat in the middle of a giant table with the CEOs on each end with masks on. That’s odd, but not unlike Biden, who regularly skips wearing a mask wherever he wants to. There may be perks to being the President of the United States, but defying your mandates and suggestions isn’t one that gives Biden a good look.

Democrats are extra careful because they’ve been careless over the past year. The poll numbers are changing, and the actions that the elected officials represent haven’t been kind to their desire to control everything about your life. If they don’t change things around, they won’t even have a chance in the 2022 midterm election, as if they have one anyway.

One Twitter user said:

That’s a solid point. The White House hasn’t been very honest and forthcoming with information about Biden, and it’s getting to a point where everyone expects Biden to decline mentally and physically while hearing Press Secretary Jen Psaki telling Americans that the President is hard to keep up with.

Either one of those would be shocking. If Biden is frail and cognitively declining, that would explain his actions. If Biden is physically and mentally fit, he’s doing all of this on purpose. Both are terrifying with the shape of the country.

Biden is becoming even more of an embarrassment than he was before. While the rest of the country is finally understanding that lockdowns and mandates don’t work, Biden is still using every opportunity to push the COVID-19 narrative as far as he can. He hopes that he can make it far enough that the same voting system will be in place for the 2022 midterm election that causes so much havoc.